99 bottles of beer... . Not quite but a bunch of shade sails to stick up on the steel frame we put a week ago for our neighbors down at @stelmobrewing . This is something they had been wanting to do for a while but especially pertinent these days to create comfortable, spread out, outdoor space. I’ve been hitting them up weekly with their togo beer but excited to see them reopen the patio back up soon. #austin #fabrication #steel #throwingshade

Enjoying this view setting the second floor steel. @rauserconstruction @alterstudio #austin #hillcountry #steel #welding #structural #fabrication #architecture 📸 @dan_camera

When your hauling a 10k load up a steep grade and you go looking for low gear, this piece tends to be more useful on the truck than off, especially since it decided to jump ship with the transmission in neutral. Just found chunks of the bushings. Fortunately the brakes held and we had a sky track on hand to drag the truck and loaded trailer up the hill to flat ground and the rally winch bumper I built few years back took all that weight like a champ. #noeasydays

Saturday shift running strong. Most of the structure in place for the plate overhang surrounding a planted roof top. @hsuoffice @pilgrimbuildingcompany #austin #fabrication #steel #welding 📸 @cade_made

Sampling paint colors with some help from Frankie and @cashers on the back house. What’s everybody’s vote? I know mine, though I did threaten @chris.ty.tay.lor with doing a different one per lap. #austin #architecture #renovation #throwingshades

Wide flange outriggers and gussets for knife edge roof overhang. @hsuoffice @pilgrimbuildingcompany #austin #fabrication #steel #welding #structural #architecture